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Words of Encouragement for Cancer-Related Hair Loss

Pictured above is Courtney Lamb, whose story is part of the CaringBridge How We Heal Series. For many, hair is one of the most beautiful and important parts of personal identity. Hair helps everyone e…


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The Importance of Managing Fatigue for Caregivers

Caring for someone you love can be demanding and exhausting, especially if they suffer from a chronic illness or are elderly. Caregiving can range from assisting with daily tasks like cooking and clea…

How to Navigate Caring for Cancer Patients

Pictured above is Courtney Lamb, whose story is part of the CaringBridge How We Heal Series. While nurses, doctors and medical staff play a critical role in caring for cancer patients, day-to-day care…

Family of Conjoined Twins: With Hope Comes Healing

Kate and Rob Erickson of Elk River, MN, have used CaringBridge since the birth of their conjoined twin daughters, whose lives since separation surgery in 2020 continue to reflect love, joy and a belief that with hope, anything is possible. So that what they’ve been through might help others on health journeys, the Ericksons have generously shared their family’s story as part of the How We Heal series.


A Framework for Healing: Believe, Belong, Be

To honor hundreds of thousands of patients and family caregivers who use CaringBridge every day, we have been working with a National Geographic photographer and filmmaker to capture stories of hope a…

Exploring the Topic of Healing

CaringBridge has served as the world’s witness to good stuff that comes out of bad stuff since June 7, 1997, when founder Sona Mehring, of Eagan, MN, launched one website to support two college frie…


How Triage Cancer Can Help on a Health Journey

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it can be an overwhelming time with so many questions. Triage Cancer is a national, nonprofit organization that provides free education on the legal a…

How to Build a Strong Support System

Facing a difficult health journey can make you feel vulnerable and isolated. From injury recovery to cancer treatment, it can be challenging to focus on healing if you don’t have a solid support sys…

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Raising Money for Caregiver Support

Pictured above is the Erickson family, whose story is part of the CaringBridge How We Heal Series. Being a family caregiver can be a stressful role in more ways than one. Watching aloved one go throug…

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